Swiss woman ‘seriously injured’ after being run over thrice by own car

Swiss woman ‘seriously injured’ after being run over thrice by own car

A woman was left with serious injuries in Switzerland after being run over by her own car three times, The Guardian reported quoting an AFP report.

According to police, the 45-year-old woman got out of her car with the engine switched on in a residential area in St Gallen in northeastern Switzerland. The woman probably stepped out to get something out of the boot when the car, which was on a slight slope, began moving backwards, the police added, according to the Swiss news agency ATS.

Although the woman attempted to stop the vehicle, she fell to the ground before being run over the first time. She was then run over a second time after the car hit another vehicle and rebounded back in the opposite direction, the police said.

Adding to her misery, the car subsequently hit a sidewalk before sending it back towards the woman and running her over a third time. The car eventually came to a halt after hitting a wooden barrier.

As per The Guardian report, the woman was sent to hospital in a serious condition.



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